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Taiwan's plane crash landing of the river, killing 19 people

Trarza Asia Airways plane crash in Taiwan after the bridge fell into the river, which killed 19 people, including 58 crew msafrsuar dubcun were five members.
Taipei District Government spokesmen plane crash landing before the river was tkrmary a raise. Taiwan's ayyrayuy authority further 10 minutes after takeoff, the plane crashed sents the deaths of 19 persons, the plane was carrying 31 Chinese tourists.
CCTV camera video released Seen by a road above the plane came down and crashed into the wall of the bridge and the ship was prtbah One sat msafrtyarh river after bridge.
Stated that trarza aysyaءayyruyz flight 'B 22816, sangsn the Taipei airport, located in the southeast coastal area of China's heart took off for the airport immediately after the crash landing of aircraft control tower lost contact hugyaaur relief operations were reported.
According to the Guardian, the French ship was bnayagyaay TR 72.

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