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Jordan said the pilot burning woman alive terrorists executed

Iraq and Syria kidnapped by militant groups operating in the pilot after the burning alive of Jordan grftardhstgrd Sajida alrysauy also executed ISIS, ISIS, the pilot called for the release of Sajida alrysauy.
British broadcaster, the BBC, the death penalty was taken prisoner in 2005, the 35-year-old Sajida alrysauy Jordan immediately after the burning of the pilot was executed.
At the request of Syria, Jordan agreed to exchange prisoners captured pilot ECB calls for free but be assured of surviving instance.
Alrysauy quarrel with her husband in a suicide bombing which killed several people, including her husband and his jacket off, which could not because they failed suicide of her husband thyn.anhun it was launched in 2005 with the statement that 60 people were killed in thy.katun said he was her husband phurdya his bombs, the bombs bursting I also tried but failed in dilemma her husband also said that everything was organized and suicide bombers were killed in bombings in Amman, including issues.

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