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Fawad Khan became the first Pakistani who won in India

Fawad Khan, who won India's first Prime adakarbn, the film 'beautiful' adakarka award for best new actress Sonam Kapoor and jhtlka Malhotra dyagya.fuad Khan received the award.
While the film received the award on the occasion of the sixtieth fyyrayuard Fawad Khan 'beautiful' producer, actress Sonam Kapoor fellow team members and other participants in thanking the promoters of their own experiences.
Kapil srmaky held in host kngnarnaut best actress in film fyyrayuard Shahid Kapoor and Salman Haider award dyagyajbkh explosive entry bnadyatahm the environment more pleasant was the first time that it sounds' badsah'sah no Rukh Khan he was nominated in 2014 for his film "Happy New Year" was a success.

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