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Apple's profits, things will blow your mind

* Only iPhone from Apple's quarterly revenue of $ 51.2 (5120 billion), which is' Yahoo "all capital market is more than the 45.5 billion dollars.

The application for the Android phone's shape changes
* Apple iPhone ryunyugugl fourth quarter revenue of $ 16.5 billion for the third quarter was more than three times.
* Apple iPhone revenue of 26.5 billion dollars in revenue last year from Microsoft tqrybadu times.
* So far, Apple's iPhone, which sold 74.5 million sets sold this year are more than 2011.
* Apple is a 178 billion dollars in cash that is enough to buy IBM. IBM's current market value is $ 152.3 billion.
* If Apple wants Ford, GM and Tails can also buy and after becoming the owner of a large company will dalrbc 41.3 billion.
* In the last quarter, Apple sold 21.4 million iPads.
* Apple iPad US $ 9 billion in revenue a company that is enough to buy GoPro.
* Last year, Apple sold 5.52 million Mac machine that Ireland's population equally.
* Apple's last quarter revenue was $ 6.9 billion, the 'Monaco' is equal to the GDP.
* Apple's market capitalization is $ 640 billion in 25 countries is more than the GDP.
* According to Wikipedia Apple's last quarter revenue was $ 18 billion that the company's biggest revenue.
* An earlier Russian oil and gas company Gazprom in August 2011, the highest revenue of $ 16.2 billion earned in the quarter.

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